50 years ago, the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan Airports Commission, now simply the Metropolitan Airports Commission, approved a motion to build the Lake Elmo airport.   

Year 1949
The commission determined the need for a public use airport east of St. Paul.  A site was selected along what was than U. S. Highway 12, aka Hudson Road, north of 12 east of Manning.  Two additional sites were selected as alternatives.  Both of the alternate sites were toward Stillwater and known logically as B & C.  Hearings on the sites began in February and continued until November when site B, current location, was approved.  On November 28, 1949 the commission ordered acquisition of the property for $38,300.00.
A.R.Metzger from Northport applied for a commercial lease.  Maxwell Aircraft Services applied for space at Lake Elmo Airport.
Year 1950
On July 10 the commission applied for development funds from the Federal Government for a NW/SE runway 75 ft. wide and 2,300 ft. long.   Craig Alexander won the bid for development work.  Cost to be $94,614.43.  (Presumable work was started soon after the bid was accepted.)
Year 1951
On September 10th, the development work by Craig Alexander contractor was accepted and final payment made on the contract.   Maxwell Aircraft Services submitted a proposal for space at Crystal Field, superceding their request for space at Lake Elmo.  A.R. Metzger again applied for a lease at Lake Elmo Field to conduct a general aviation fixed base operation.  The lease would allow for nine T-hangers, one hanger 36'x150' which could house nine airplanes, and office 18'x36', and a 18'x36' workshop.  The lease was approved in October.  Mr. Metzger's estimated investment was $10,000.00.
Year 1952
Stillwater Manufacturing Company requested a lease for a hanger area at Lake Elmo Field, and the lease was approved, but not completed until June 1955.
White Bear Flying Service requested their lease amended to reduce their space and rent.  Their request was approved.
Year 1956
Ward Holliday applied for a standard lease and was approved.  White Bear Flying Service again requested an amendment to their lease to have it increased (and increase the rent by $120.00 per year).  The request was approved.
Year 1957
White Bear Flying Service requested more space for an additional hanger to be leased by the Clinton Company.  The request was approved.
Year 1958
The lease assigned to Pankhurst and Moulton was transferred to White Bear Flying Service.  
Year 1960
Ward Holliday requested lease for a 5 place T-hanger.  Request approved.  A lot assigned to Howard Lake was transferred to Ward Holliday for construction of an additional hanger.
Year 1962
A standard commercial lease was approved for Joseph O. Michaud.  A standard commercial lease was also granted to Ward and Paulie Holliday.
Year 1963
The lease held by R. Mtezger as White Bear Flying Service was transferred to James A. and Raymond J. Moe.
The commision recognized the name of Elmo Aero Inc. by transferring the leases under the names of Ward and Paulie Holliday to Elmo Aero Inc.
Year 1964
A commercial lease was approved for John P. Foy.
Year 1966
Lease held by Raymond J. and James A. Moe was transferred to Lake Elmo Aviation, Inc.
Year 1967
The lease of Robert Little and Edgar Nill was transferred to Decca Aviation, Inc.
The lease with Lake Elmo Aviation was changed to Lester E. Fournier.  Later the lease with Lake Elmo Aviation was changed to Mr. Rex Myers.

Between 1967 and today, lots of things happened.  Among them: Ed Mayer arrived and set up Mayer Aviation.  Bob Twet arrived and left.  Gatis Valters built a maintenance hanger and opened up Valters Aviation.  Some of the details of the past thirty years still need to be filled in.

Thanks to Paulie Holliday for the memories.