This is the Chapter 54 Video Collection

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Basic Aircraft Welding

Bob Hoover -- Aerial suite

BRS Inc. 92 revised promo tape

Building the Voyager


Denny Aircraft Co -- STOL, FoldingWing, Towable, FunFlying Aircraft

EAA Volunteers - We make a difference - 8 min.

Especially for EAA Chapter 54 5 min

Fighter Aces of World War II

Flight Deck


How They Fly the Concord

IFR Operations

Kit Fox

Navy Training Video - 1942 Using SNJ-T6

Oshkosh 84 Mach Two to Oshkosh

Oshkosh 84 Freedom of Flight

Oshkosh 85 Aviation Odyssey

Oshkosh 86 An Air if Adventure

Oshkosh 86 Theater In The Woods

Oshkosh 87 Home Again + Theater In The Woods

Oshkosh 88 Oshkosh Close Up

Oshkosh 89 Jennies to Jets

Oshkosh 90 Gateway to Aviation

Oshkosh 91 Aviation at its Best

Oshkosh 92 Excellence in Aviation

Oshkosh 93 Freedom of Flight

Oshkosh 94 P40 - SuperCubs

Oshkosh 95 Aviation Unlimited

Oshkosh 96 Aviation Odyssey

Oshkosh 97 World of Wings

Oshkosh 98 Untitled

Petrel Demonstration Video 1990

Prescott Pusher -- promo

Student Flight Check in SNJ-T6

Super Cubs -- promo

VFR arrival procedure Oshkosh 1992

VFR arrival procedure Oshkosh 1997

VFR arrival procedure Sun n Fun 1999

Vision of Eagles

Young Eagles -- Cliff Robertson