Chapter 54 NEWS


April 2000

Volume 43, Issue 4

April Gathering
will be held on

Date: April 10, 2000
Time 7:00 pm Social
7:30 pm Program
Location: Chapter House, Lake Elmo Airport, “B” Entrance, 1000 feet South of the Rotating Beacon.

Speaker: Donald L. Brown

FAA Flight Standards -

Aviation Safety Program

(Airworthiness Safety Program Manager)


April Board Meeting
will be held on

Date: April 6, 2000
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Chapter House

Topics: Sponsorship of May 6 EAA Leadership Conference, May 8 Banquet at Mancinni‘s, May 6 Oshkosh Work Party. Program Director’s job will be reviewed. Everyone welcome, come to the meeting with some ideas.


From the Editor

This month’s newsletter contains a LOT of business, minutes from meetings that did not get into the last newsletter, and proposed Articles of Incorporation. This is much more business than we will have in future issues.

Future Newsletters should contain a lot of stories about Chapter activities and members activities. There are a LOT of things happening, and a LOT of members working on projects. Hopefully this newsletter will be able to reflect much of that activity.

I think that Wayne Asp provides excellent meeting minutes. If you agree, you ought to tell him so. I also think that our president does a wonderful job of writing a column each month. If you agree, you might want to mention it to him.

It is YOUR newsletter, use it. I can help edit your stories if you wish, but I barely have the talents to do the mechanics of publishing. Assembling these stories into a legible format and getting them printed and mailed is a big chore.

Don Carlson has a digital camera and will help get photos for your story.

To help get your stories into YOUR newsletter, I offer the following alternatives to choose from:

Mail them to me at:

EAA Chapter 54 News

3275 Manning Ave. N. Suite #7

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or e-Mail them to me at:

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I look forward to helping YOU with YOUR newsletter. Think of us often.

Bob Waldron



  President's Corner

In a previous column, I mentioned something about talent and volunteerism and the “can do” spirit that is prevalent within the EAA and how all of that is available to all of us at the Chapter level. As if to emphasize and illustrate that spirit, we have recently been presented with our very own Chapter Grille. This is a piece of equipment we will be able to use for our pancake breakfasts, or any other function for which it would be useful, long into the future.

 About a year ago it was just a germ of an idea that Gary Miller had. He suggested we could save money and a lot of headaches if we had our own grille. So he pushed and went forward with the idea. He went to Dave Fiebiger for design and fabrication assistance. It was discussed, both formally and informally, at our Chapter and board meetings. It was approved and budgeted, and Dave and Gary went ahead and built it. It was truly a Chapter Project. Paul Anderson, Norm Dupre, Dave Fiebiger, Dennis Hoffman, Al Kupferschmidt, Fred Martin, Bill Shanks, Norm Weston, Jim Zimmerman, Gary Miller, Paul Liedl all helped. The grille was fired up at the Chapter House on Sat. Mar. 18. There were pancakes and sausages grilled for about 20 people and according to them, the grille is a resounding success.. You can view an account of the event by logging on to and clicking on News Etc.

Speaking of talent and volunteerism, our Newsletter Editor, Dick Wicklund, has stepped down. I am very saddened by this event. I would very much have liked for him to continue. He has been wholly responsible for the quality of the Newsletter as we have come to know it for the past several

years. He has improved it to the format that we now see and his devotion to deadlines and getting it mailed out on time has been much appreciated.

I, for one, always looked forward to receiving it in the mail and when it came it was always the first piece of mail that I would look at. We owe Dick a tremendous debt of gratitude and I'm looking forward to seeing him around the airport now that he has more free time. Being Newsletter Editor is a tough job as well as a very thankless and time consuming one. Thanks a lot Dick and enjoy your increased free time.

 There will be a board meeting at the Chapter House on Thurs. April 6, at 7:00 P.M. The agenda will include a discussion on the approval of our Chapter sponsorship of the EAA Chapter Leadership Conference that will take place on May 6. Also we will discuss details and planning for the Chapter banquet that will take place on May 8th at Mancini's. Dennis Hoffman, Programs Director, will be the topic for job description. The workparty weekend is also coming up on the weekend of May 6. Jim Anderson is heading up the committee for the Leadership Conference, so I hope he can make it to the board meeting. Also, I think Jerry Sarracco is making the arrangements for the Workparty weekend, so I hope he can also make it to the board meeting. Anyone else who would like to attend is more than welcome.

-- Bill Schanks



We need YOUR vote. We have to change the Articles of Incorporation, and we need a majority of all members to vote YES, in order to make the change. Please read the following, then phone in or e-mail your YES vote. If you do not vote, you are voting NO. Don’t delay, vote YES. Your board approved these changes last month.


As some of you know, Chapter 54 is no longer recognized as a valid corporation by the state of Minnesota. We failed to file a required annual report for the past few years, and have been dissolved by the state. The required form is sent each year, to the address that the State thinks is valid for the corporation.

In order to set ourselves straight with the State of Minnesota, we have to submit two forms, an annual report, and a change to the articles of incorporation - showing our new address. Making these changes will cost us $60.00.

At the same time that we change our articles of incorporation to show our new address, we can make some other changes that will make us more apt to be able to receive 501(c)(3) exemption from the IRS. This can be done for the same cost.

After reviewing the Minneapolis Chapter (25) and the Duluth Chapter articles of incorporation (which are identical), I have drafted the following changes to our articles of amendment. Please pay particular note to the first sentence of the first article. All of the rest, except for the address change, is legal jumbo to help make it possible to later apply for 501(c)(3).



Article II. This corporation is organized and shall be operated exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes, for the advancement of safety in General Aviation to benefit the public. This corporation may receive and disburse funds or other property incident to, or necessary for the accomplishment of the aforesaid purposes, and do any and all acts incidental to the transaction of the business of this corporation or expedient for the attainment of the purposes stated herein.

In furtherance of its purposes, this corporation may engage in, advance, promote, and administer charitable, scientific and educational activities and projects of every kind and nature whatsoever in its own behalf or as the agent, trustee or representative of others, and may aid, assist and contribute to the support of corporations, associations and institutions which are organized and operated exclusively for such purposes and which are described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

For its purposes and not otherwise, this corporation shall have only such powers as are required by and are consistent with the foregoing purposes, including the power to acquire and receive funds and property of every kind and nature whatsoever, whether by purchase, conveyance, lease, gift, grant, bequest, legacy, devise, or otherwise, and to own, hold, expend, make gifts, grants and contributions of, and to convey, transfer and dispose of any funds and property and the income therefrom, for the furtherance of the purposes of this corporation herein above set forth, or any of them, and to lease, mortgage, encumber, and use the same, and such other powers which are consistent with the foregoing purposes and which are afforded to this corporation by the Minnesota Nonprofit Corporation Act, as now enacted or as hereafter amended. All the powers of this corporation shall be exercised only so that this corporation's operation shall be exclusively within the contemplation of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

All references in these Articles of Incorporation to sections of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 include any provisions thereof adopted by future amendments thereto and cognate provisions in future Internal Revenue Codes to the extent such provisions are applicable to this corporation

Article III. This corporation shall not afford pecuniary gain, incidentally or otherwise, to its members. No part of the net income or net earnings of this corporation shall inure to the benefit of any member or individual. No substantial part of this corporations activities shall consist of carrying on propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence legislation.

Article V. The registered office of this corporation shall be located at

3275 Manning Ave. N. Suite #7,

Lake Elmo, Minnesota 55042.

Article VIII. The directors or officers of this corporation shall not be personally liable for the debts or obligations of this corporation of any nature whatsoever, nor shall any of the property of the directors or officers be subject to the payment of the debts or obligations of this corporation to any extent whatsoever.

Article X. This corporation may be dissolved in accordance with the laws of the State of Minnesota. Upon dissolution of this corporation, any surplus property remaining after payment of its debts shall be disposed of by transfer to one or more corporations, associations, institutions, trusts, or foundations organized and operated for one or more of the purposes of this corporation and described in the Section 501(c)(3) of the internal Revenue Code of 1986, or to the State of Minnesota, or to any political subdivision or agency thereof for exclusively public purposes, in such proportions as the Board of Directors of this corporation shall determine. Notwithstanding any provision herein to the contrary, nothing herein shall be construed to affect the disposition of property and assets held by this corporation upon trust or other condition, or subject to an executory or special limitation, and such property, upon dissolution of this corporation, shall be transferred in accordance with the trust, condition or limitation imposed with respect to it.

Vote YES on these changes. Call 651-430-9178 and give your name and your YES vote. Or e-mail with your YES vote. If you are against these changes, do nothing, your vote will be counted as NO.



Chapter Meeting Minutes

EAA Chapter 54

February 14, 2000

These minutes were not in last month’s newsletter.

Meeting called to order at 7:33 by President Bill Shanks.

Visitors present were David Kujalla and Dan Carroll from Chapter 25. Also new members Bob Donatell and Bruce Abercrombie.

Motion from the floor to accept minutes as presented and seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer Bob Waldron discussed our current financial situation. Current total assets in all accounts is $7114.87. Also, we have donated a SportAviation subscription to the Stillwater Area High School. The grill project is currently on budget.

President Bill Shanks welcomed new members Don Black (not present), Bob and Bruce (see above). Bob and Bruce introduced themselves. Bob has a T50 Bobcat (1/5 scale model). Bruce has flown a number of planes, both military and GA, and told of his first ride 1926 in a Waco from Freddie Lund, as well as J-3 training.

Old Business:

Bob Waldron has been working hard on the web page and now has weather, quotes, photos, and bio information. PLEASE SEND BOB YOUR BIO INFORMATION AND PHOTOS!!! He would also like a volunteer to evaluate one of the free Internet Service Providers.

Al K. presented Young Eagles report. For 1999, we had several members fly 10+ youngsters, they are: 

Gene Frank, Dennis Hoffman,  Al Kupferschmidt, 

Paul Liedl,  Gary Miller, Dan Parker, 

Dale Rupp and Jerry Sarracco.  

Way to go guys, thanks. We would still like to pool our YE credits for aviation camp, for those that are interested. Al is working on a standard packet (paperwork) for pilots and streamlining the check-in process.

Jerry S. updated us on the hanger insurance situation and MAC representation. The Tax Committee of the MN State House is considering a bill to change hanger classifications from commercial property. This should correct the current tax inequity owners are experiencing.

Gary Miller - Update on the grill construction. We need two propane tanks (40#). Burners are being built. Lots of holes to drill!!

Dan Parker - Chapter Banquet will be held May 8 at Mancinni's. We could use some volunteers to help set up and arrange for prizes. Also, the EAA Leadership people have been invited, since they will be in town.

Scott H.- Membership report. Reminder that the EAA rebate on new members expires 2/28. Also, information on ordering the Sherm Booen videos "1953-1981 World of Aviation programs" will be posted in the clubhouse. They are very good tapes, and only cost $10.00 each ($20.00 for both, including Shipping), and can be purchased from: Sherm Booen, 6711 Nicollet Ave. So., Minneapolis, MN 55423. Ask for the "World of Aviation" tapes.

Bill Schanks - Technical Counselor's report. There are many interesting projects going on. Jim Lund is working on an Acro II. He is located in the yellow hanger on the SW corner of the field. Paul Liedl is working on an amphibious Kitfox. Jim Olson is working on a Flutterbug. Paul Anderson is restoring an L-3 Defender. Don Black is restoring a PA-16. Ed Pfeiffer is working on a Fisher Classic.


Fly Friendly video from AOPA. Many good neighbor ideas and practices. The video is still available for those that missed the meeting and is worth your time to watch.

Also, portions of "Test Pilot", a video provided by Dennis Hoffman.

Meeting adjourned at 9:18 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Wayne R. Asp

Chapter 54 Secretary



Board Meeting Minutes

These minutes were not included in last month’s newsletter.

Present: Wayne Asp, Bill Schanks, Gary Miller, Dennis Hoffman, Bob Waldron, Dan Parker, Scott Hutchinson, Art Edhlund
Meeting called to order by Bill at 7:39 p.m.

Dan Parker discussed location for annual banquet (Lake Elmo Inn, Mancini's and Applewood). What is cost to members and is this a fundraiser (maybe a silent auction). Also should we have door prizes. Looking at second Tuesday in April. Consensus is to hold it meeting night in April at Mancini's.

Discussion of Expo and staffing a booth. This is on short notice. Last year we got one new member and sold a few calendars. Need more lead time to put something together. Will try for next year.

Treasurers Report - Bob Waldron. Review of current financials. We have $4,070 in cash and bank accounts and $2,767 in the building fund . We are on budget. Discussion of classification as a 501(c)(3) organization. Must be an education organization to do this. Newsletter must reflect this. There are other financial ramifications. 501(c)(3) would allow tax deductible contributions for the contributors. Would not have to be a 501(c)(3) until our gross income is over $5000 per year for 3 years. Some other chapters have filed for this.

Chapter Leadership conference (Shanks). Discussion of holding workshops in 4 local hangers and food. Guessing 100 people at $10 each. To be held May 6. Too bad this is work party weekend for Oshkosh. How to staff for food, etc?? Potluck is an option. Needs to be for breakfast and lunch.

Bob Waldron discussed web page

progress report -- need more info on biographies and photos to post.

Membership - Scott Hutchinson. Discussion of membership committee responsibilities. Several new ideas were presented for gaining and retaining members. A chapter information package example was displayed and costs discussed. Also consider sending an update package every year upon renewal. Include letter from Chapter President. Chapter vision and objectives should also be developed and included. We all need to contribute to this. Should include Young Eagles, programs, fellowship, and Flying Start. Scott will get this started for next month. Also a big EAA logo to draw attention and decals. Dennis Hoffman presented decal costs for two different styles.

Motion by Waldron to purchase 500 decals of the outside style for $425. Second by Hoffman. M/C.

Waldron discussed changing dues structure to cover first year cost of supplying new members with book and decals. Could also hold down costs by soliciting contributions.

Membership committee could market decals and patches at the pancake breakfasts and other events. Non renewing members should also be contacted to discuss reasons for leaving the Chapter. Membership committee should be responsible for retaining members and keeping them happy.

Clothing (caps, hats, shirts, etc) should be explored and could be used for marketing and also to identify members at events, like the pancake breakfast. Some clothing is available from Oshkosh.

We need to ensure that the program and other chapter activities as well as chapter vision are defined and implemented before beginning really proactive membership recruitment.

Discussion of who has keys for clubhouse.

Gary Miller discussed grill progress. Fred Martin has done a lot of welding and work on it. This should be recognized by the Chapter. Motion by Miller, second by Parker to provide one year honorary membership. M/C.

Fundraising opportunities - Dan Parker. Idea of auction using $1 tickets. Dan will pursue.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Wayne Asp
Secretary ¨





1 Sixth Annual Twin Cities RV Forum, Red Wing, MN. 9am-5pm. Evening banquet 7pm. guest speakers, vendors, demos, plus the 2nd RV Air Race from Red Wing to Winona and return. Doug Weiler, 715-386-1239 or Jim Lenzmeier, 651-633-8488.

6  EAA Chapter 54 Board meeting.
7:00pm Chapter House

EAA Chapter 54 PotLuck lunch 12:00 noon (open to everyone on 21D)

EAA Calendars

for 2000

Jerry Sarracco still has a few 2000 Calendars available. Call him at 651-429-1049 or or stop by and see him at his hangar.

10 EAA Chapter 54 Gathering. Lake Elmo Airport, B Entrance.

Social 7:00 pm, Program 7:30 pm.

14 EAA Chapter 54 PotLuck Supper 6:30 pm

29 EAA Chapter 54 Flying Start event.



6 EAA Leaders conference. Lake Elmo Airport. Call Oshkosh for further information.

8 EAA Chapter 54 Banquet at Mancini's.

12 EAA Chapter 54 PotLuck Supper 6:30 pm



10 International Young Eagles Day




New Members

The following people have joined this year. Please say “HI” to them when you see them.

Don Black
Gene Berg
Jay Linnerooth
Ed Thompson
Erick Broderson
Mike Murry
Charlie Hooley
Bob Donatell
Rusty Brown
Jerry Chapman
Tim Reberg
Bruce Abercrombie
Fred Martin - Honorary
Norm Dupre
Ross Sublett
Charlie Hoover
Dave Cross



Lunch for everyone at 21D

Don’t miss the new monthly “Saturday before the meeting” PotLuck Lunch, which is less PotLuck and more ‘Bring your appetite and $5.00’. We will start at noon at the Chapter House. You may bring $5.00 worth of chips or treats, or five one-dollar bills. Chapter furnishes plates and silverware and coffee, and sloppy-joes, and chips, and will sell soda-pop. Everybody is invited, you don’t need to be a member, you just need to bring food or money.

--- Leif Erickson



EAA Chapter 54

Chapter Meeting Minutes


Present: 35 members, 3 guests

Meeting called to order at 7:30 by President Bill Shanks.

Drawing for airplane clock by Dan Parker. This is a raffle to raise funds for Chapter hanger. Won by Dave Fiebiger. Consensus of the group was to have raffles like this

from time to time.

Introduction of Guests. Alex Buga, originally from Hungary. Was into R/C for 15 years, then ultralights, now a Cessna 150 based at 21D.

Ron Eshleman, Started out in R/C too. Wants to build an RV. 

Bill Lions. Flying out of Flemming. Used to have Skymaster. Now working on project 210.

Announcements. Gary Miller. Fuel now $2.15 at Mayer. Need a fire extinguisher and lighter for pilot on the grill- any volunteers see Gary. Thanks to all who have helped to build the grill. Paul Anderson, Norm Dupre, Dave Fiebiger, Dennis Hoffman, Al Kupferschmidt, Fred Martin, Bill Shanks, Norm Weston, Jim Zimmerman, Gary Miller, Paul Liedl. THANKS !! The grill is finished and very nice.

The audit of our Chapter financials is complete and everything is in order. Thanks to Dennis Hoffman, Decals have arrived and are $2. They will be available for sale both before and after meetings or see any Chapter officer.

Bob Waldron reported that the incorporation of the Chapter has been dissolved by state due to lack of filing the proper paperwork for the past few years. Bob is looking into getting this fixed.

Bob Waldron will be publishing our newsletter as Dick Wicklund has resigned the post of Editor. THANKS Dick for all of your efforts as Editor!!!

Bill Shanks reminded members that the now traditional Chapter Potluck dinner on Fridays will be resuming at 6:30pm this week. Pancake breakfast (on the new grill!) will be served on Saturday starting at 9:00am at the Chapter house.

Jim Anderson reported on the preparations for the May 6-Chapter leadership program. Jim still needs volunteers to set up chair, tables. We are looking at KFC for lunch. Coffee, rolls for am. Need help to set up--please talk to Jim.

Treasurer's Report - Bob Waldron. This year we have cleared $80 on sales of the 2000 calendars, and received $404 in dues, received 19.50 in interest, and spent $224.71 on the griddle. We spent $467.95 on decals (and have recovered about one fourth of that already). Expenses this month were for the building of the grill. We are on budget.

Building Fund $ 2,777.23

Cash on Hand $ 25.00

General Fund $3,882.90

Total $6,685.13

Motion from the floor to approve meeting minutes as presented on web site. Motion seconded. Motion carried.

Young Eagles.- Al Kupferschmidt. Aviation camp. Al is consolidating credits from Oshkosh. Encouraged members to pool credits, but not a requirement. Rally day is June 10 nationally. Al showed and discussed new YE forms.

Dave Fiebiger reported on tax actions regarding hangers. Committee bills are through favorably. Bills are now on to floor for discussion at the Legislature. Jerry Sarracco reported the file numbers as 3400 Senate File, House File 3782. Jot a note to your representative. Thanks to Sen Novak- Co-author, and Rep Andy Westerberg. Tax rate reductions proposed ramp down over next two years. Jerry (and Bob) will post a letter on web to download, sign and send to your representatives.

Jerry Sarracco reported on insurance issues on hangers. MAC is getting fussy about the paperwork. Make sure that MAC is a named insured and properly documented. Tenant board with MAC is not happening yet. Maybe June.

Education- Art Edhlund. April 29 is the date for Flying Start. PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDARS. Need pilot volunteers.

Leif Erickson. Fly in breakfast for 21D is scheduled for Sunday August 16. More info to follow. We need planning assistance from any members willing to pitch in.

Technical Council Report. Paul Anderson. Continued work on the L-3 project.  Constructed a Mil Spec firewall- very nice. Now looking at how to accomplish the rigging and cable routing, fuel line routing etc. Ed Peiffer still working on his 172. Bad cylinder from Superior air parts was not acknowledged as defective and required Ed to pay half price to get another one.

Discussion of the Pietenpol project. It is owned by chapter (verbally), but no paperwork yet. Can sell for parts only. Discussion of accepting sealed bids for parts.

Program -- Presentation by Paul Ferry from Princeton Flight Service Station. 

Paul is a Specialist. He was hired by the FAA in 1985, moved to FSS in 1988, and to Princeton in 1990. Princeton FSS has a very senior group of Specialists.

Proper Radio contact procedures. Always state WHO you are, WHAT FREQuency you are on, and WHERE you are. Many pilots neglect to do this, and which makes it hard for the FSS Specialist to get back to them. This is because Princeton has 54 frequencies and 23 additional flight watch frequencies/locations. If the pilot does not give a freq and location, the Specialist has to guess. Even just giving a location will help a lot.

Paul discussed the difference between Simplex and Duplex transmissions. It seems that many pilots do not know the difference or how to use them. Simplex is send and receive on the same freq. Duplex is listening on one freq (typically a VOR) and transmitting on another. (example 122.1R to transmit and 108.4 TVF VOR to listen). Make sure volume is turned up on the VOR receiver. An AFSS transmission will preempt the code identifier on the VOR.

Flight Watch is manned by the same specialists but uses different freqs. 122.0 for low altitude, 135.675 for high altitude. There are many communication outlets scattered across the region. It is important for the pilot to give Flight Watch both WHO they are calling and LOCATION. If they pilot does not state WHO they are calling then it is very possible no Specialist will answer since their call is likely received by multiple stations if they are at a higher altitude. Flight watch is for current weather and is preferred for pilot reports. Will also handle Emergencies.

The TIBS channels have weather info. Call 1-800-WX-BRIEF. Oshkosh is the busy season for Princeton, since lots of traffic generates lots of requests. TIBS even has procedures during Oshkosh.

Responsibility for getting the weather report prior to flight is that of pilot. Any mechanism can be used, such as CH 17, TIBS, etc. The legal liability for getting or not getting a full briefing is really a FSDO question.

Paul invited members to visit Princeton AFSS facility next time they are at Princeton.

There was a series of questions from the audience regarding what happens during a briefing and what information the Specialist has access to. The AFSS has some new radar imagery (NOWRAD & NEXRAD). Specialist can call up overlays which show precip type, liquid, mix, snow on the radar image. WSI is the weather graphics vendor. If you have seen CH 17, tell the briefer as well as any concerns you have regarding the weather you have seen.

Also new is the Velocity Azimuth Display-VAD which tracks winds aloft in real time (actual winds) by altitude. This is done on a 3-4 minute time interval. It measures movement of water droplets in air - and the percent accuracy depends on returns from the water droplets. It is also possible to tell where cloud tops are (no data returned) This is new technology with limited implementation now at Princeton, but ask if it is available.

For those members who live in Wisconsin, the toll number to reach Princeton directly is 763-389-5880.

Paul made several other points in response to questions:

Do not give your cell phone number for flight plans, leave an emergency number with somebody there who knows your plans and where you should be.

Make sure to cancel your flight plans. The Specialist will prompt for all the PIREP items if you do not have the template with you.

There are never have enough PIREPS, especially during nice VFR weather. PIREPS are primary responsibility of the AFSS, secondary responsibility for tower, ARTCC, etc.

Winds aloft forecast is usually quite accurate in the short term. There is a TIBS-dedicated channel with fly in events around MN which are taken from the MN Flyer.

Briefing types are Standard, Abbreviated, and Outlook . But in any case the Specialist wants to provide the information that pilot needs. If you want more information about something, ASK!! About 60% of the Specialists are pilots, with 20% being active pilots.

Paul passed out a short survey to several members-looking for what is right and what

improvements we would like to see in the AFSS.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Wayne R. Asp





This is Al Kupferschmidt, our wonderful Young Eagles coordinator. Al has come up with a ‘packet’ of information for all Young Eagle pilots. The packet contains registration forms and other pertinent info. See Al for your packet. If you know of young people that want a Young Eagle flight, call Al at (651)777-9257, or e-mail

The following people flew ten or more eagles last year: Gene Frank, Dennis Hoffman,  Al Kupferschmidt, Paul Liedl,  Gary Miller, Dan Parker, Dale Rupp and Jerry Sarracco.  Congratulations to all of you!!!!!


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