Chapter 54 NEWS


August 2000

Volume 43, Issue 8

August  Gathering

will be held on

Date: 8/14/2000

Time 7:00 pm Social
        7:30 pm Program


Chapter House, Lake Elmo Airport, "B" Entrance, 1000 feet South of the Rotating Beacon.


Program: Round Table Discussion

Talk about the sights and sounds of Oshkosh 2000.


Young Eagles

A BIG thank you to all the pilots that helped with the last Young Eagle flights. They did a grand job even with the airport run way shut down for resurfacing. A challenge for us with cross winds. We had about 26 kids and a few parents.

Members involved were: Art Edhlund, Gary Miller, Dan Parker, Bob Waldron, Gene Frank, Al Kupferschmidt, Norm Weston and Lee Weston, and a possible new member Shawn Thornton.

Again , my hat is off to you for the help.

Al K.



  President's Corner
President's Corner

As I sit here in my room at the Air Academy Staff Lodge overlooking the runway at Pioneer Airport, my thoughts very easily turn to flying. I think, therefore, that I will put on my flight instructor's cap for a while, and write about flight safety. How many of us, who only fly a small number of hours a year, find ourselves becoming a little rusty? One way to overcome that is to fly a little more. That is not always possible, so what we can do about that is to strive to make what little flying time we do have more productive. By that I mean that when we go somewhere instead of allowing the airplane to wander all over the sky and go wherever it wants to, we exercise some control. When we first obtained our Private Pilot Certificate, we were pretty good. We could easily hold an altitude within plus or minus 100 feet of our assigned height. Also, we could hold a heading that was within ten degrees of the one we were supposed to hold.
There are a whole bunch of criteria called for in the FAA Practical Test Standards that at the time of receiving the certificate we could easily deal with. As time passes, we relax our vigilance and find ourselves going well outside the parameters called out in the PTS. If we discipline ourselves to conduct our flights according to the limits spelled out in the PTS, for the private pilot, we should do fine. Tell yourself to do the scan, watch your altitude and heading indicators, keep up your awareness of other traffic, practice your traffic pattern and sharpen up your landing proficiency.

We now, almost all of us, have better communication and navigation
equipment to better and more easily conduct our cross country flights. This tends to make us a little lazy in our pre-flight planning for a long trip. It's easier to just punch in the coordinates for a destination in the GPS, hop in the airplane and let it take you to wherever it is you plan to go. It wouldn't hurt to just once in a while study the sectional and pick out some prominent landmarks and fly the route accordingly by pilotage alone. I was made aware just yesterday of a situation wherein someone arriving at Oshkosh depended totally on his GPS to navigate for him. He was attempting to initiate the Fisk arrival to the airport. He contacted Fisk Approach
control and said his GPS told him he was over Ripon, but he couldn't find the railroad tracks. The weather was clear and visibility was unlimited. He was undoubtedly confused and his GPS was in error, he tied up the frequency for a short time before he finally got on the right track. He was probably a stranger to the area and was arriving at OSH for the first time, so it was even more important for him to have studied the chart and familiarized himself with the landmarks and have relied more on pilotage than electronics to guide him to the area. The controllers were courteous and at the time the traffic wasn't heavy, so the situation didn't become as critical as it might have.

So, my point is, plan ahead, use a combination of all the resources available to you, practice to improve your proficiency, discipline yourself to stay within your self imposed limitations, be comfortable, relax and enjoy the skills you have acquired...

Remember the pancake breakfast on Sunday, August 13. Let's hope for good weather and the largest turnout ever. 'We will have an opportunity for a board meeting on Wednesday, August 9, at 7:00 PM. The meeting will take place at the Chapter House and we will have the chance to finalize the
arrangements for the breakfast.

                                                  Yours from Oshkosh, Bill Schanks


Treasurer’s Report: 7/29/2000

Building Fund $2,836.99

Operations     $4,733.06

Cash                 $ 25.00


Total             $7,595.05

We spent some money on newsletter printing and postage. We paid the EAA Air Academy tuition for Bradley Spencer (Jim Olson’s grandson). We received three members dues, and a $20.00 donation.


Radio Alert

Gary Miller just told us -- Eau Claire CTAF used to be 123.0. It has been changed to 123.6, and is monitored by Green Bay Flight Service. This is being evaluated and may become permanent, if it works out.


Nice FlyBaby

Our President discovered this nice Flybaby at Oshkosh. It has not yet been advertised, and seems like a great deal.

350 TTAF
New Slick Mags
Metal Prop



George Rotter
437 Hawk St.
Oshkosh, WI 54902


Pancake Breakfast Volunteers Needed

Attention all members. Volunteers are needed for the upcoming fly-in pancake breakfast on August 13. The event will be a success if you volunteer your time and energy. This is our big fundraiser of the year and, without your support, we cannot make it a success. Scott Hutchinson will be calling you to ask you to serve on a committee. Please give him an affirmative.


The committees are listed below along with the chairperson:

Committee Chairperson Time # of volunteers needed

Setup Dan Parker Saturday 10

1st Shift Cooking/Serving Jeff Hanson 6:30 – 9:00 AM 10

2nd Shift Cooking/Serving Ed Peiffer 9:00 – Noon 10

Auto Parking Gil Leiter 7:00 – Noon 8

Aircraft Parking Dave Fiebiger 7:00 – Noon 8

Cleanup Nick Stolley Noon – 2:00 PM 10


1989 Christen Eagle II -- For Immediate Sale !!!

Showroom Condition .. 143 Hours TT airframe and engine with new annual.. Lycoming AE10 AID 200 hp with heavy crank.. 2 chutes, hartzel prop, impressive 9 color Imron Eagle design, too much to list -- this is one beautiful airplane.. $75,000

Contact James Michalski - JMK Sales Co. Inc. Located in Woodbury MN, USA.

Telephone 1-800-584-9453, Fax 651-731-9767. St Paul phone number (651)578-1316



Pancake Breakfast Organizational Meeting




Present: Nick Stolley, Gary Miller, Leif Erickson, and Jerry Sarracco

. Publicity - Gary Miller

publicity plan has been followed and is now complete

500 flyers were printed, 100 were mailed to FBO’s within a 100 mile radius of 21D

the road side sign along Co Rd 5 will go up during the last week in July, 
3 weeks before the event

Events – Jerry Sarracco

Jerry reported that it may be too late to obtain the services of an air traffic controller during the morning. ATC from Holman Field needs to be contacted in November to arrange for an August event. Jerry will call back to see if last minute arrangements can still be made.

MAC gave the OK for a balloon launch at 21D if the weather cooperates

Toilets will be ordered from MAC one week before the event

No commitment has been received for a band to perform. Jim Lund is still working on obtaining free entertainment.

MAC gave the OK to land and launch a glider. Jerry is working with the pilots at Benson airport to get a commitment to attend.

We will not have a raffle this year as we have nothing to raffle. We will also not need a gambling license from the County.

Gary Miller wrote a letter to the Sky Divers at Baldwin, WI inviting them to attend. He has not had a response.

Dan Parker reported the ad for the event was not yet in Sport Aviation magazine

Logistics – Paul Anderson, Leif Erickson.

The need for a big sink for washing dishes and utensils was discussed. Previously a sink was setup along the SW side of the door and a garden hose was the source of water. However, Gates does not have a well, so we have to monitor water usage carefully.

15 bottles of water have been ordered from MAC

Leif E. will make prop cards. The PIC will be asked to fill out a prop card with name, address, etc. when the plane is parked. After the prop card is completed, the PIC will receive a coupon for a free breakfast.

Jerry S. and Dan P. have extra tickets that can be used for purchasing breakfasts

The necessary county food serving permits have been obtained and must be displayed the day of the event. Temporary food handling guidelines must also be posted

The liability insurance certificate has been obtained from EAA.

Setup – Dan Parker

a minimum of 5 – 6 volunteers still needed for setup

Dave Fiebiger will be asked to help with setup of the griddle

Extra gas for the griddle is available from Tom Thumb is Stillwater. They will refill bottles rather than exchange

Need to order and pickup dry ice from Brines. This is to keep the milk cold.

Signs will be put up early Sunday morning

Bill S. or Gary M. will park an airplane next to the north entrance to 21D

Two 100-cup coffee pots could be obtained from the school

Will need 3 plastic dish pans for washing dishes

Table clothes can be obtained from Party Warehouse in Stillwater

Will need to obtain garbage can liners

Need scotch-brite pads for cleaning griddle

Tear down – Nick Stolley

All members will be encouraged to stay after the breakfast to help with cleanup

Prisoners and people performing community service will not be available for cleanup help.

Volunteer Coordinator/Recruiter – Scott Hutchinson

Many volunteer workers are still needed

Flight Operations & Safety – Jerry Sarracco

The mode C waiver has been obtained

Head Chef – Bill Shanks

Food orders to Alliant can be submitted the week before the event. They feature 24-hr overnight delivery. Order is delivered to prison. Will need a check for the total order as food is delivered COD. The food can then be transferred to the HS cooler for overnight storage.

The next meeting will be at the August chapter board meeting.


EAA Chapter 54 Aviation Day Fly-In Pancake Breakfast

Lake Elmo Airport (21D) – North Entrance

August 13th, 2000 7:00 AM to Noon


We need your help to make this event a success!


All members of Chapter 54 are needed to:

Eat Eat Eat

Adults $5, Kids (under 12) $2, Bring lots of hungry people!

Promote Promote Promote

Bring your families, relatives, friends, neighbors, and anyone else you can think of!

Bring you airplane (weather permitting) – Pictures needed for the chapter web page

Volunteer Volunteer Volunteer

Volunteers needed for all jobs

Task Time # needed

Setup 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM Saturday 10

1st Shift Cooking/Serving* 6:30 AM – 9:00 AM Saturday 10

2nd Shift Cooking/Serving* 9:00 AM – Noon Saturday 10

Auto Parking 7:00 AM – Noon Saturday 8

Aircraft Parking 7:00 AM – Noon Saturday 8

Tear Down Noon – 2:00 PM 10

Our most critical need is for 1st and 2nd shift cooking/serving, setup, and teardown help.

If you have already volunteered, see if you can get your spouse or other family member to help out


Task leaders are requested to call the volunteers assigned to them and to request more volunteers if you need them

Contact event chairperson to volunteer or if you have questions

- Leif Erickson at 651-439-5040


Board Meeting Minutes

5 July Board Mtg
Board discussed assisting Bradley Spencer, Jim Olsen's grandson with tuition for EAA AirAcademy. Scholarship accounts would pay approx 1/2 of the $900 cost. Gary Miller moved, Parker seconded that the club pay the balance of approx $450. All voted in favor.

Breakfast Update
Gannon and F100 club would be invited to show vehicles. Gary M continues to work on publicity. Much work has been done to date. Jerry S is working on details of parking and display. Jerry will contact
MNDOT and MAC for "kid stuff". Balloon has been approved with "conditions". RC club (Sodbusters) is invited. Table and chairs have been reserved with the Lions Club.

Volunteers are needed in all areas.

Bob Waldron has been notified that the EAA calendars will be available for the 2001 year. Chapter will order 50 for 2001 with the price being $10.
Meeting adjourned.


Chapter Gathering of July 10, 2000

Introduction of guests. Merlin Gunderson

Minutes, Newsletter, and Treasurer's report were approved as published and presented.

Board and committee reports:
Jerry Sarracco, Airport Association. Update on runway overlay project and projected dates of closure. ( this goes to press the project is complete and both runways open.)
Al Kupferschmidt, Young Eagles. Video highlights of Young Eagles day will be on the local cable stations in the near future. July 2 will be date of second Y.E. day held in cooperation with the Stillwater Senior Center. Our First session on June 20th, was very successful. Center will be bringing (est) 20 young people to the chapter house on July 2nd.

The July Program was presented by club member Dale Rupp. The topic was his RV-6A project.
Dale gave a very interesting talk, focused on his, todate, experiences with his project.
The empennage is complete.  This was the first kit he ordered and cost approx $1000. Dale remarked that the cost of tools and number of tools was higher than expected. (Probably higher than is discussed at the breakfast table, as well.) Under 200 hours and 45 days to complete this portion.  Dale indicated that key is to be consistent and do some each day. The quick build kit came by truck the week of the club banquet. The kit was unloaded, with difficulty, from a semi-trailer. Dale commented that he recruited some cheap, but good help. The uncrating and inventory process took two days. I recall that Dale has a couple of suggestions to Van pertaining to inventory of parts and plastic packaging.

Dale reviewed with the club the 51% rule and that his perception is that to satisfy the requirement, the number of processes or tasks are counted to accomodate the 51% formula. (Maybe a good item to discuss further)

Dale discussed his plans for the dashboard, I mean panel. He is currently completing the assembly of 2 multi-function devices. Will be interesting to followup on their performance. Check with Dale the manufacturer and other details if you are interested.

Dale has several components assembled and plans on a busy fall and winter. The entry and basement has been measured very carefully. Plans are to complete at home. Dale plans on using an 0-320 and wood prop.

Thanks, Dale, for sharing your experience with the club. We look forward to updates. Good Luck
Meeting adjourned.

(Minutes by Dan Parker)



9 7:00 pm Board Meeting at the Chapter House - Everyone invited.

13 8:00 - 12:00 Annual Pancake Breakfast. Valters Aviation.

14 7:30pm August Gathering at the Chapter House


11 7:30pm September gathering at the Chapter House.

Swifts before Oshkosh

Each year, prior to Oshkosh, member Mark Holliday hosts a fly-in for Swifts from around the country. This year there were dozens of the prettiest Swifts in the world. GREAT weather allowed everyone to have a good time.

Chapter member Jerry Chapman took this nice photo of member Charlie Hoover’s Swift.



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