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June 2001

Volume 44, Issue 6

June Gathering

will be held on

Date: 6/11/2001

Time 7:00 pm Social

          7:30  pm Meeting

Location: Christ Lutheran Church, Lake Elmo, MN

Topic: Pancake Breakfast



  President's Corner

A good time was had by all at the banquet. Bob Waldron, the treasurer, has the final numbers and will probably publish them in this month's newsletter. Leif Erickson filled in for an ill Tim Reberg and collected the money and kept track of everything. He also collected a good many door prizes to be distributed throughout the meal time. And speaking of door prizes, I was supposed to mention a case of oil and draw numbers for it. l completely forgot about it so what we can do is sell some chances at the meeting of Mon. the 11th and draw a lucky winner. Norm Petersen, from headquarters in Oshkosh, also brought quite a few door prizes, all courtesy of Aeronautica at the EAA museum. Norm also provided the entertainment after dinner. Norm played his accordion while he told aviation stories and related some of his experiences with his old friends, Ole and Lena. He then showed a slide presentation of various aircraft, most of them being seaplanes. Norm, originally from Tyler Minnesota, grew up here in Minnesota down around Tyler and St. James. He is a true Minnesotan. So much so that he actually knew Ole and Lena as well as Olga and Sven up there in Henning, Minnesota. Norm showed up early and the first couple I introduced him to was Mr and Mrs. Leif Erickson. Why he must have thought he died and gone to Valhalla. He knew he was among good people.

The saga of the Chapter 54 building continues. The offer of each site that we believed The MAC agreed to was withdrawn. At the last MAC meeting of Tues. the 29th of May, Jerry Sarracco was informed that the circle is definitely not an option. At the present time we are considering the site located next to the Hubbard Quonset building. Dave Fiebiger is laying out the stakes and formulating some idea as to how to orient the building. By June 11th we should know the situation and be able to make an announcement.

There will be a board meeting on Wed. June 6th. The time of the meeting is 7:00 PM. and the location is at Dennis Hoffman's hangar. The agenda will cover a final decision on the building location and we will need to discuss how to arrange financing for the improvements and setting it up. Another topic for the agenda is "who else will be able to use the building?" Jerry Sarracco, the President of the Lake Elmo Airport Association, asked if it would be possible for that group to use it for a gathering spot when they perform the highway beautification chores and for their scheduled meetings. He suggested there would be some financial remuneration. I told him I'm in favor of it and I would put it on the agenda for the board meeting for consideration. The other possibility for use by an outside group is the MAC. They would like to move their meeting around to the supporting airports, a different one each month. Perhaps they could make use of our building. Another agenda item is the discussion of forming committees to actually be in charge of and perform the necessary labor for building improvement.

The general Chapter meeting will take place Mon. June 11, at the Christ Lutheran Church of Lake Elmo. I thought we had a program lined up but I was wrong. John Renwick informed me that he doesn't have his videos back yet and that his slides aren't ready. So he isn't prepared as yet to do one of his always entertaining and interesting presentations. The misunderstanding is my fault because of a lack of communication. When John is ready I'm sure he will be willing to provide a program. We look forward to that.

The agenda for the meeting will cover getting prepared to do the annual fly-in breakfast. Tim Reberg and Leif Erickson will need some committed volunteers. Please be generous with your time. This is our main fund raiser and we need all the help we can get. It's especially important now that we have a building to feed and care for. Ed Thompson told me there's a difference between being involved and being committed. "It's like bacon and eggs for breakfast. The chicken is involved in the meal, the pig is committed."

                                   ---- Bill Schanks


Treasurerís Report: 5/30/2001

Money Market $5,676.35

Operations $1,889.86

Cash $ 25.00


Total $7,591.21

Banquet: Paid for 52 meals, profited $79.00, mostly from Raffle ticket sales. Collected $140.00 dues.




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Info from

Member Marlon Gunderson sent us this:

Avweb included the following notice this week, which might make a good
suggested magazine read for the newsletter:

June's issue of the venerable Atlantic Monthly magazine, out this week, features a cover story on, of all things, general aviation. Airlines are fine for long-haul flights between major hubs, says author James Fallows -- a private pilot -- but thousands of smaller, more convenient airports are underused. The solution, says Fallows, is already in the works: safe, high-tech, affordable small airplanes and jets, like those under development by Cirrus and Eclipse. Instrument landing systems at more small fields. NASA's AGATE program, and more. Give yourself a treat, and take the time to read a knowledgeable, positive GA article in the general press -- it won't likely happen again anytime soon.



Young Eagles

Al Kupferschmidt writes:

I would like to say THANK YOU to all the pilots that helped fly Young Eagles on May 19th. Also a reminder for JUNE 9th 9:30 A.M. at Mayer Aviation. I have about 30 kids lined up for the A.M. With that many kids it would be great to have a few extra men to be ground control. Have a few confirmed pilots but can use a few more.

Al K.







June 6 Board Meeting 7:00pm

Hoffman Hangar

June 11 Chapter Meeting

Christ Lutern Church

August 11 Chapter Pancake Breakfast




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