Chapter 54 NEWS


April 2000

Volume 43, Issue 5

May  Gathering

will be held on

Date: 5/8/2000

Time 6:00 pm Social

7:00 pm Eat


Mancinni’s Char House Resturant on West 7th.


Speaker: Charles Larson

Exec VP of Residential Education

EAA Oshkosh WI.

(Old Chapter 54 President)


May Board Meeting

Because our beloved President will be spending a week in Oshkosh, we won’t have our normally scheduled Board Meeting this month


Banquet May 8th

Sirloin or Chicken - with wine, tax, tip, Door Prizes $20.00

Call Lief Ericksen 651-439-5040

There will be fun and prizes galore and a good time will be available for all.




  President's Corner
On May 6th, Chapter 54 is hosting an EAA Chapter Leadership Conference at Valter's Aviation facility. It is an all day conference provided by the EAA headquarters staff, and there will be food and refreshments served. There will be a continental breakfast and a fried chicken lucheon along with beverages. Jim Anderson has kindly agreed to become involved in setting it up and making the arrangements on behalf of Chapter 54. He needs a few volunteers to help set up tables and chairs and do the errands such as picking up and delivering the food for the meals and also serving the food to the participants. We also need volunteers to take down the tables and chairs upon the completion of the event as well as the general cleanup. We need a lot of help here so just see Jim Anderson and let him know you are available. Gatis Valters is providing the space in his hangar that will make all of this possible. When you see him, please express your appreciation.

On May 8th, we will be getting together for our Annual Banquet at Mancinni's Restaurant. In the past couple of years attendance was low because of bad winter weather. So this year we scheduled the event later in the season. We expect a much larger attendance this year because the probability of a blizzard is lower, and all the snowbirds are back from down south. We have an interesting program planned and I'm sure you will all enjoy it. Chuck Larsen, the Executive Director of Resident Education Programs at the Air Academy Lodge at Oshkosh, is our speaker. Chuck Larsen is a former Chapter 54 member. As a matter of fact, he is a past President of Chapter 54. He was a charter member of the Holman Hoboes Flying Club, as well as one of the principle organizers of the club. He did most of the flying time required to obtain his Private Pilot's certificate in the club's airplane, a Taylorcraft L2B. He is a well known and familiar person to a great many or our Chapter members, as well as a good and dear friend. Come to the banquet and give him a warm welcome home.

This brings me to subject that is near and dear to my heart; the EAA Air Academy. For the past fifteen years I have been participating in that program as a shop instructor and staff member. It has been a life changing experience for me. The Academy has around 500 alumni throughout the world. It has been my privilege and good fortune to become acquainted with a good many of those people. To be there and observe the change that takes place in those young people in a little more than two weeks has been a tremendously gratifying experience. Chapter 54 has been a sponsor to a couple of young people by providing part of the funding necessary to attend the Academy for the past couple of years. Last year, if you remember, we sponsored Jennifer Rought and the year before I think it was Dale Rupp's Granddaughter. We now have to begin thinking about a search for this year's candidate. I think we have until the end of May to find someone. If anyone has an idea or knows of someone that would enjoy the experience, please contact me or anyone of the board members as soon as possible. We would like very much to continue the tradition of Chapter 54's participation in the program. If you would like more information on what the Academy is all about, check out and look up Air Academy.

The Chapter Banquet will serve as the May Chapter meeting. The May Potluck will take place on Friday, May 12th. Because of all the activity that is scheduled the weekend of the 6th, we are unable to schedule our Saturday afternoon luncheon gathering for the month of May. Perhaps we can schedule one later on in the month, watch your e-mail for announcements,

One other event I need to mention here is the annual Chapter 54 Oshkosh Workparty Weekend. That also will take place on the weekend of the 6th of May. There is still room for people to go. Contact Jerry Sarracco or Dick Wicklund if you are interested in the program.

Hope to see a great many of you at some of these May events, especially at the banquet. May looks like a busy month for Chapter events. It all looks and sounds like a lot of fun!

-- Bill Schanks



New Member

John Renwick

John joined our Chapter AGAIN. John has a hangar at 21D, and has a hangar at Flying Cloud. He has a beautiful J3 Cub at Flying Cloud that often makes trips to Lake Elmo. In what little spare time John has, he is looking for a Cessna 195. Next time you see John around, say “HI”.



Legal Stuff

We obtained enough YES votes to amend our Articles of Incorporation, we are on the way to being a legitimate Minnesota Corporation and a legitimate EAA Chapter. Thanks.



Chapter Meeting Minutes

EAA Chapter 54
April 10, 2000

Meeting called to order at 7:30 by President Bill Shanks.

Visitors present were Ron Eschelman and Kirk Huizenga.

Motion from the floor to accept minutes and treasurer’s report as published in the Newsletter, was presented and seconded. Motion carried.

New Member Rusty Brown was introduced. Welcome!

Announcements were made as follows:

Jim Anderson Updated chapter on Leadership Day activities on May 6. Volunteers are needed. Members are encouraged to attend – registration is free but required.

Jerry Sarracco Work day will, also, be May 5-7. Call if you would like to be part of the group. They will try to van pool.

Airport cleanup day is April 29th……10:00 – 2:00 Not Before 10:00

BIFFY is functional (part of MAC building) call a member for code.

Dave Fieberger Update on legislation. Tax Rate revision is in the bill – just waiting now.

Art Edhlund April 29th is Flying Start day….call Art if you can help.

Bob Waldron Currently polling members on proposed Articles of Incorporation. Newsletter update, asking for a volunteer to make copies of newsletter (to reduce Chapter costs) Asking for volunteers to evaluate an e-mail version of the newsletter. Missing bowls and utensils from last years pancake breakfast….check the floor under the drain plugs, wash up and return to Pres. Bill.

Monthly Chapter Potluck Supper is Friday evening at 6:30, at the Chapter House.

Tech Update Paul Liedl is painting the Kitfox….

Leif Erickson May 8th is the banquet. Mancini’s at 6:00 p.m. $20.00 per person. Speaker will be EAA’s Chuck Larson. Chuck is the Executive Director of Resident Education at Oshkosh. He once was the President of Chapter 54. Call Leif at 439-5040 or Dan Parker at 430-1532 Let’s have a great turnout.!

Business Meeting was closed.

Speaker was Don Brown, Safety Program Manager, FAA Mpls office. He talked about the Aircraft condition notice, uses of the notice, and times when examiners would post. Don explained that if you have notice posted on your aircraft, the process that should be followed in responding. He explained the manner in which the Mpls office is attempting to deal with problems and response to users.

Don, also, explained the Special flight permit (Ferry Permit). Examples were given and procedures reviewed. Questions were answered during discussion time.


Sun-n-Fun 2000

This just in, from our own Ed Pfeiffer:

Sun-n-Fun was great as usual. We avoided Sunday the first day, as we expected the traffic in and out of the airport would be heavy. Most people are looking for a reason to pack up the family and cause a traffic jam on a nice Sunday afternoon.

We arrived at the airport at about 10:00am Monday morning. One of the nice features of Sun-n-Fun is the free entertainment while you creep along the roads South and West of the airport prior to entering the parking lot. This of course is the constant stream of ultralights overhead. The show even gets better once in the parking lot since the approach end of their runway is usually right over the parked cars. Talk about your bee hive pattern. It's like watching a three ring circus. At any given time you are able to observe at least one or more planes being cut off while on final, and at least a few aircraft in conflict for landing and departure. In spite of all the chaos they all seem to escape disaster and the FAA.

The ticket booth at the official entry gate is very efficient. There isn't much waiting to get in, although each time we purchased daily tickets we were short changed by $10.00. We had to explain the difference between a $50.00 travelers check and the price of two $15.00 tickets. They usually came up with a $10.00 difference, while our math said $20.00 was more reasonable. It actually got to the point that one of the ticket clerks got to recognize us after short changing us two days in a row.

The museum was interesting and is in the process of being expanded. I sounds as though Bob Hoover's plane has been donated to the museum. It's easy to spend a couple of hours looking over the aircraft on display.

This year there were at least twice as many forums and seminars available to attend. I of course attended one on aircraft engine cylinders and picked up a lot of information on the types of materials used, ring and piston configuration, as well as methods of lubrication.

Armed with this new found knowledge we sauntered over to the Superior Air Parts booth. There we targeted an unsuspecting salesman, fed him a story about my interest in buying six new cylinders, and would he please explain the warranty protection, should I decide to purchase his cylinders. He was more than willing to accommodate, and I finally told him that I had already made the purchase and it didn't work exactly that way. I left him my business card and explained that he could read the entire account at any local EAA chapter that chose to print it, as I was E-mailing the story to EAA headquarters as well as all of the US local chapters. We briefly discussed how this might impact his sales as compared to the cost involved in having a satisfied customer proclaiming their great customer service and warranty policy.


EAA Chapter 54

Board Meeting Minutes


Present: Wayne Asp, Bill Schanks, Gary Miller, Dennis Hoffman, Bob Waldron, Jim Anderson, Scott Hutchinson, Leif Erickson, Jesse Black, Jerry Sarracco, Ed Peiffer

Meeting called to order by the President.

Chapter Leadership Workshop - Jim Anderson reported that plans are progressing for the workshop scheduled for May 6. Workshop to be held at Valter's hanger. Food service has been planned for breakfast and lunch. Cost will be within budget sent from Oshkosh. Many thanks to all those who have volunteered to help out so far and to Valter's Aviation for opening their facility to us. Still need some help for the actual workshop. Call Jim at (651)433-3024 if you can help. Discussion of sending and posting flyers for the annual pancake breakfast.

Jerry Sarracco is organizing the Oshkosh Work Party for May 5-7. He reported on paperwork and schedule. The paperwork seems to be something new this year. Estimate is that 5-8 members will participate. Contact Jerry if you are interested.

Jerry also reported that a RCO is being installed at 21D. This should make it much easier to pick up those clearances and cancel flight plans. Should be operational in the next couple weeks.

The bill authorizing changes in tax status for 21D hanger owners has (or is close to) passing both the MN House and Senate and Gov. Ventura is expected to sign it. Chapter Banquet - Leif Erickson. We have reserved May 8 at Mancinni's for 100 people. Signup will be at the next meeting. Prepay for the dinner will be encouraged. Also, the workshop speakers will be staying an additional day to attend. Currently working on door prizes -- any ideas are welcome.

Program - Dennis Hoffman. Looking for program ideas and assistance in getting set up for each month. If you have any ideas and/or are willing to help out with a meeting this next year, please contact Dennis.

Bob Waldron reminded everybody of the now traditional Friday potluck next scheduled for 4/7. Also Saturday lunch at $4 per head, beverage not included. We need 20 people to break even on the lunch.

Mike Murray has donated chairs, a coffee pot, and poster case to the Chapter. We need to compile a list of all Chapter assets and locations.

Treasurers Report - Bob Waldron. We are on budget and doing well for the year. Our checking account balance is getting rather high, around $4000.

Motion by Bob Waldron, second by Wayne Asp, to authorize the transfer of $2000 from the checking account to the MoneyMarket Account. Motion carried.

Bob reported, with concern, that we are only half way towards approving the new Articles of Incorporation. To approve, we need 60 members to vote to adapt. It was decided to take time during the next membership meeting to pass out ballots. There being no further business (except hanger flying) the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Wayne Asp




Treasurer’s Report: 4/27/2000

Building Fund $2,797.01

Check Acct $4,202.09

Cash $ 25.00

Income from Calendar sales, Dues, Decal Sales, and Raffle $999.56

OutFlow for operations and Griddle and Decals and potluck supplies $882.47

Leaving us with a net gain of $117.09



Electronic Newsletter

Sixteen daring members tested the e-mail version of the newsletter. We received VERY POSITIVE feedback from most of them, with only one person having much difficulty at all, and one person having a very few quirks (with the pictures).

If you would like to help us evaluate the e-mail version of the newsletter, please let me know. or 651-430-9178



Al wants flyers to help give rides on May 20th at Osceola. Call Al if you can fly or help with ground support.



From the Editor

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I look forward to helping YOU with YOUR newsletter. Think of us often.

Bob Waldron



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