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September 2000

Volume 43, Issue 9

September  Gathering

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Date: 9/11/2000

Time 7:00 pm Social
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  President's Corner
By now Iím sure you have all heard about the great storm of the summer of 2000. The big wind storm that came through the Lake Elmo Airport in the middle of the night and changed the lives of a great many of us. Walking among the damaged buildings and aircraft and observing the devastation makes me realize how quickly a personís life can change. To go home one day and think that everything is good, to have put your airplane in the hangar and believe that all is right with the world only to return the next day and see what nature can do. I cannot express my sorrow in words alone to the people who lost airplanes. I can only guess what it must be like. There can be no amount of money that can replace that which was lost. To spend years fixing and tweaking and changing an airplane to make it just the way you want it to be and to take those trips and flights together, you and your plane, to experience that thrill of flight, to see all of those sunsets from 7 or 8,000 feet and to do all of those perfect landings, to hear and feel the smoothness of that engine, to build that bond between you and a machine. No amount of money can replace that. Only the people who have experienced that feeling can know and understand.

We, the Chapter, will probably lose our Chapter House. Al K. looked it over and believes there is a lot more damage than meets the eye. We will have to wait and see what the insurance people and the building inspector say. Al and some volunteers took all of our stuff and moved it out to the hangar and covered it with plastic sheet for now, so it has some protection for the time being. We still donít know where we will conduct our meetings. The MAC offered some time ago to allow us to use their building for that purpose, we can at least store our stuff there. The other possibility would be to return to the church for meetings. We will just have to be creative. We will try to determine where the meetings will take place and get that information to the members by way of phone call or word of mouth or e-mail. Stay in touch.

Our pancake breakfast was a success.. The weather was perfect, attendance was better than it has ever been, both peoplewise and airplanewise. Everyone enjoyed the breakfast, the raffle was profitable and all of the volunteers did a wonderful job. Iím looking forward to doing it again next year and being even more successful.

Again, check around all of your sources of information to find out where the next meetings will take place. We will have a board meeting on Wednesday, September 6 and we will have a general Chapter meeting on Monday, September 11, we just donít know where yet. We would like to have our Saturday Pot Luck Lunch on the 9th, does anyone have any idea how to implement that program? Any suggestions? Any volunteers?

                                                                                      Bill Schanks


Treasurerís Report: 7/29/2000

Building Fund $2,836.99

Operations     $6,618.08

Cash                 $ 25.00


Total               $9,480.07

We grossed $2,847.00 on the Pancake Breakfast, with current expenses of $1,315.03. We also received $331.00 on the Raffle. Thanks to Gene and Rosemary Frank and Nick Stoley (and Regent Aviation) and to Gatis Valters for their generous donations.




If you own a hangar with an electric door, and the electric motor connects to the drive mechanism via a v-belt on a pully, be aware that if that belt gets worn and slippery, the electric brake on your door will not be able to hold the door open. Check that belt. Replace it at the first signs of wear.

                                                                                                             Bob Waldron



This just in, from Dave Holmes

I have a "Flight Com" (4) place, portable intercom for sale for $80.

My phone is (651)653-9365.

Thanks, Dave



Would you like to learn about Sheet Metal?

Member Jim Montague is looking for someone to do some sheet metal work on member Mick Supinaís Swift. Jim is a renowned A&P and IA, and will supervise your learning experience. Call Jim at 651-770-5069 or e-Mail him at



News From Tom Marson:

I moved to a new house June 19th. I'm now at 928 Meadowood Lane,
Hudson, Wi 54016, My phone is still 715 386 3448. Day before moving I
broke my ankle. I now have a steel plate 1/4 by about 3 inches by 1/2 inch
wide and 8 screws. I'm now gingerly getting along without crutches.

Don Zank is having his annual UL flying for UL and GA planes the weekend of
Sept 9 and 10. The field is Bloomer Gateway (about 2 miles NE of Bloomer
Wi.). There will be catering on the field for food bothdays and live music
Saturday night. Camping is free. All are invited.

Tom Marson


Pancake Breakfast Results

The numbers are in for the 2000 Fly-In Pancake Breakfast. We served a total of 692 breakfasts. Of that total, 525 were adults, 96 were children, and 71 were free to pilots-in-command, car show exhibitors, and Air National Guard personnel. We had 79 aircraft fly in for the event. Overall I think we had a very good turnout. Since we were projecting a total attendance of 700 Ė 750. Certainly the weather cooperated this year.

Our gross income was $3,178. We received $2,847 from ticket sales, $16 from unsolicited donations, $14 from calendar sales, and $331 from the raffle. Expenses totaled $1,315.03. Net income was $1,862.97.

I want to give a special thanks to all committee chairs that diligently organizing their volunteers. Also a special thanks to all the volunteers that served on committees and to the family members that just showed up on Sunday morning asking what they could do to help. A special thank you to Nick Stolley from the Pilot Shop at Regents for donating prizes for the raffle and to Gene and Rosemary Frank for donating the pedal plane that was so popular with the young children. A Special thanks goes to Gatis (and Peggy) Valters who allowed us to use their building and donated a case of oil and a set of Craftsman tools for the Raffle and purchased fifteen breakfasts. From my perspective it was a joy to work with such a talented and cooperative group. In many ways, I felt my job consisted of simply pushing the START button.

I think the event accomplished two goals for the Chapter. First we made some money to help finance our chapter activities for the year. Second we promoted general aviation at 21D to the public. I once heard general aviation described as a hobby for rich old men with their expensive toys. I hope we were able to dispel that image here at Lake Elmo.

We can already start looking forward to next yearís event. If you have suggestions for next year or ideas on what we could have done better this year, please e-mail me at

                                                                                                                                Leif Erickson



To EAA Chapter 54 Members:

3M's Coated Abrasives Methods Center has extended a special invitation to Chapter 54 Members to come for a tour and demonstration of how 3M products -- abrasives, tapes, adhesives, composite materials, scratch-removal/polishing compounds, etc. are used in restoring, upgrading and maintaining the kinds of aircraft we have. The event is scheduled for 9 AM on Monday Sept. 11th in Building 240 on the 3M Center [just south of Conway at 17th St.]. The group is limited to 20 people, so please e-mail [preferred] or call me, Tim Farrell, [ or 651.291.0277] if you wish to attend.
3M has long served the aircraft and aviation industries, at both the OEM and aftermarket levels. Recently, the company has focused increased attention on general aviation. Many technologies, products as well as much technical service information has been adapted to our needs.
Many in the Chapter are or were 3Mers. Any of you who know of 3M products or capabilities that have been useful in aircraft applications please tell me about these and, perhaps, we can include them in the presentation.
Do contact me and get on the list.
Hope to see you on the 11th.

Tim Farrell


The Storm at 21D

On Saturday August 26th,2000, at 1:00 in the morning, a devastating storm hit Lake Elmo Airport and the surrounding area.

Here are a few photos of the damage. These two photos were taken by member Jerry Chapman. More of Jerryís photos (and some others) can be found on the Chapterís web site -- -Click News Etc. -Click Storm At 21D. There is also an AV-Web story at . That story generated numerous responses to your President from as far away as England.




11 7:30pm September gathering Somewhere.




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