The Fire Boss


If you have been around Lake Elmo airport the past month or so, you probably saw something HUGE and UNATTRACTIVE land, stop mid field, and take off.  You were probably looking at the Fire Boss, a very large Agricultural sprayer with a 1,600hp turbo engine, that is equipped to hold 800 gallons of water and other liquids.  

This is the first airplane to be equipped with WhipAire's newest float innovation.  It sports a new pair of gigantic floats that have a controllable scoop in the bottom of the float, that allows the plane to skim the water at high speed, and pick up 800 gallons of water in about 15 seconds.

If three of these airplanes were fighting a fire within 10 miles of a lake, they could provide a nearly continuous flow of water onto the fire.  The water delivery is computer controlled, and can be set from a 'big dump' to a very fine mist.  

The airplane is being tested in the area, and often comes to Lake Elmo.  If you get a chance, look it over.  It is an awesome sight.

This may give you some perspective if the size.

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